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Seeking Review

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Seeking Review:

Seeking arrangement is the world's largest sugar daddy site. It argues that quick matches are the best arrangement, so it allows people to immediately define what they need and want in a mutually beneficial relationship. Founded in 2005, the site has brought many benefits to sugar daddies and sugar babies alike. For example, one sugar daddy has four sugar babies; And sugar babies will be dating the elite.

Sugar baby is available free to premium members on Seeking, but sugar daddy & sugar mom pays a membership fee to get it.The standard membership you receive does not cost you anything after you have registered your detailed personal information.To fully access the site, however, Seeking offers premium membership for a small fee.


Share private photos: Allowing the sharing of private photos will ensure that your privacy is not compromised

Favorite other members: Add users to your favorite users so you can connect to them more easily.

Background Verified members: Members background verified so that you can determine who you're communicating with and if it's a real person.

Real-time messaging: Real-time messaging will help you communicate with like-minded people without having to share details of your personal contacts.

Active members in 139 countries: Active members connecting more than 139 countries around the world.

Invites to exclusive SeekingArrangement parties: Exclusive invitation to seek arrangements for the event.

Seeking has a 1 in 4 ratio of sugar daddies and sugar babies, which increases your chances of finding your partner online.

Seeking has seamless customer support and an extensive FAQ section.

Seeking allows you to view Seeking blogs, and it keeps you up to date on the latest trends in the field.

Seeking allows you to create a comprehensive profile in five minutes, including your personal information, photos and perks.


While some features are freely accessible to users, it's hard to find a partner unless you upgrade your membership and select a premium membership package. Because Seeking seeks to cater to several different categories -- sugar daddies and sugar babies -- it offers multiple options for monthly subscriptions. Sometimes, although the goals are slightly different, the site is quite clever at providing different things to different users. Typically, sugar babies get a free account, while sugar daddies buy a membership package to interact with in search of the person of their dreams.

For sugar daddies and sugar babies:

1.For sugar baby, it's free to join and has full access to the site's advanced features.

2.For sugar daddy, it started out as a standard (free) membership, but with the option to upgrade to premium membership so they could see and connect directly to all kinds of sugar babies.

Premium costs (updated):

$89.95 for 1 month Premium

$79.95/month for 3 months Premium

$69.95/month for 6 months Premium

In addition, there is a Diamond membership package that gives you access to more privacy options and allows users to become certified members so others can contact you with confidence.

$209.95 for 1 month Diamond membership

What is an Arrangement?

Arrangement means that people are in direct contact with each other and no longer waste time. It allows people to immediately define what they need and want in a relationship. Seeking's profile allows members to state their expectations effortlessly. That's what it means. Every successful relationship is an agreement. In business, partners sign business agreements outlining their goals and expectations. Similarly, a relationship will only succeed if two people agree on what they want from each other, what they give and receive from each other.

The sugar lifestyle:

On Seeking, the user is on the same page. Don't read between the lines; members know what they want. Users approach each other without fear of false pretenses.

A term that bids farewell to tradition:

Many traditional relationships fail because they don't give enough and take too much. Let's face it. It's hard to find "your other half." It would be much easier if goals and starting points were set before such relationships could be established.

What's a Sugar Daddy?

A successful member of Seeking, we call him Sugar Daddy, is an elegant, experienced, and resourceful modern gentleman who is seeking someone to share his extraordinary life and lifestyle and create meaningful relationships and experiences. Successful men know what they want. They are motivated and enjoy being surrounded by attractive people. Money is no object, so they are generous in raising sugar babies.

1.Find a balance

Seeking is all about finding relationships in your situation. Sugar daddy has a variety of experiences and responsibilities, including family, work, travel, and hobbies/interests.

2.Make time for each other

A sugar daddy will consider making a new relationship part of his work schedule, having to carefully consider his exact location in a restaurant and the exact time he drives to the front door attendant.

3.The new modern gentleman

From a busy work schedule to a deep knowledge of wine and craft beer to a love of travel, the sugar daddy has redefined the modern gentleman. He is using Seeking to find a relationship that elevates and amplifies his already extraordinary life.

4.Work hard and play harder

Sugar daddy is all about business. That means there could be a job that requires crazy hours and countless meetings. If he's a little late with his text, don't put it off. He's on business so he can handle the relationship.

What's a Sugar Baby?

The attractive young members of Seeking, whom we call sugar babies, are competent individuals with refined tastes and desire for a relationship filled with new experiences and a good life. Attractive people look for something better in life. They like exotic trips and gifts. Sugar babies can experience luxurious lifestyles and meet wealthy people regularly. She is not bound by the traditional definition of a relationship, but seeks to create one in her own way, fully in line with her expanding vision, desires and goals. She is ambitious and appreciates the value of finding a successful member who can be a mentor/teacher, confidant, friend, lover, or even her future business partner and investor.

1.Goal driven dating

Sugar Baby is an individual who seeks true relationships, guidance and support. There is no "typical" sugar baby because anyone who wants to date can be classified as a "sugar baby". Because all Seeking users seek relationships that fit your profile, there is a transparency and openness on that often leads to sincere love and long-term commitment.

2.College educated or about to go to college

College-educated individuals and college students are known to make up a large part of Seeking's user base. Whether or not a relationship with Seeking sugar daddies helps our attractive members worry less about her tuition and bills, or builds a professional network, one thing is certain -- Seeking is the number one site Seeking partners based on your criteria.

3.The relationship between modern and traditional values

Sugar babies don't want to live in the monotonous, traditional relationships that society dictates -- relationships that don't work today. Instead, she is seeking a modern relationship -- one that is different from her ambitions and motivations -- with a romantic partner who can play the traditional role of breadwinner or gentleman without imposing unreasonable limits on personal growth. Sugar babies appreciate the value of building real relationships with people who can help them thrive.

4.Authorized appointment

Sugar babies are empowered because they are not afraid to set a higher standard for each other in a romantic relationship, or to do what is necessary to find it -- even if society disapproves of what they are doing. Our attractive members are early adopters of Seeking dating methods based on the principle of honesty and fairness, believing that everyone can find someone who truly loves them.

How Seeking Works:

It's a first-class date: leave the ordinary date, take a flight to a luxurious destination around the world, and use Miss Travel to find romance.


By joining Seeking, you can meet with millions of members in just five minutes.


Add a photo, define your terms, and explain your schedule expectations.


Ordinary members of Seeking find an ideal arrangement within five days.

Security and Privacy:

Seeking believes that protecting users' privacy is 100% effective, and they do not sell or provide users' data to others. This is crucial for any dating site like this, where people are discussing private, personal arrangements, and privacy and security are key. In terms of security, all communication with the site is SSL encrypted.

Final Verdict:

Yes, Seeking is an expensive sugar daddy dating site compared to other sugar daddy dating sites, but it provides a new perspective and brings quality service to sugar daddies and babies. Overall, Seeking is one of the best sites on the sugar daddy and sugar baby dating sites, with nearly 10 million members worldwide. The site also has a good ratio of men to women, which ensures you have a good chance to connect with the right people. The ratio of sugar daddy to sugar baby is 1:4, so sugar daddy can easily find sugar baby here!

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