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How To Ask For A Sugar Date On Facebook - Part 2

Without further ado, let's learn more about how to find sugar dates on Facebook in part 2. Click here to go back toPart 1!

Direct information
When you use Facebook for a sugar date, you'll want to keep romantic conversations private. For example, don't invite sugar baby out in the comments section of her latest selfie. There are two ways to start a conversation when you text sugar baby directly via Facebook:

1) if you've already met in the real world, remind her where and when you first met.

2) or mention something in her profile that suits your mutual interests.

In the first case, let's say you two meet at a mutual friend's party. You can say:

"Hey, Lisa, I'm not sure you remember me, but we were at Tyler's party the other week. I haven't had a chance to talk to you much in the confusion, but I'd like to get to know you better."

If in the second case, you've never met her before, but noticed her through a mutual friend's profile, you can mention common interests, such as bands or food-related interests. Such as:

"Hey, Lisa. I don't think we've met, but Irene and I are friends. I noticed that you had some great insights into Korean food in San Francisco. I'm a gourmet myself. What’s your favorite place?"

Once you've found a common interest, you can create a compelling dating plan around it, including a TDL.

What is a TDL?
TDL stands for time, date, and place. By providing a specific time, date, and place, you can eliminate all guesswork from the appointment. Most sugar daddies ask if sugar babies want to go out or have a drink sometime without a clear plan. This will lead to a frustrating iteration and may even prevent the date in question from happening.

So, having a TDL schedule ensures that you don't get stuck between talking and meeting. I've had a lot of clients fail to use TDL when asking sugar baby out. Similarly, after working with me, every client who learned to use TDL and stuck with it ended up dating beautiful sugar babies more - some of them even more than they knew how to do.

Join Facebook groups and attend events
Also, finding a date through friends isn't the only way to use Facebook. Another good strategy is to find activities on Facebook based on your interests. Respond to activities that interest you and attend them. Find group pages that appeal to you and like different pages.

Facebook USES an algorithm to get to know you, and they recommend things you like based on your interests, your favorite pages, your friends' interests, etc. As I said, when you use this strategy, you're more likely to meet like-minded sugar babies.Plus, it forces you to get out more and keep your social calendar full. As a result, you'll be more likely to connect with people in the real world online.

How to request a sugar date on Facebook: using the actual Facebook dating service
While the new Facebook dating service hasn't arrived in the U.S. so far...However, the testing has already begun, and you shouldn't be long before you can use social media platforms specifically for dating. Details of the application are still being released, but some information has been released. Unlike Tinder and Bumble, Facebook is shunning dating apps.

The Facebook dating service will serve as a feature that you can choose to turn on and off when you log in to your Facebook profile. Only people who use the feature can see you, so you don't have to worry about your date appearing in your news feed. The feature will leverage things like common interests (which sound familiar) and events as a way to connect with people. In addition to Facebook's ability to help you find sugar dates, its dating feature is also clearly aimed at people looking for long-term relationships, with the goal of taking people offline and meeting for actual suspicions. Sounds good!

Get more dates
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