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7 Signs Your Sugar Baby Is Testing You And Why She's Doing It

You've probably heard a lot about sugar daddy and sugar baby dating in sugar daddy dating apps. But is dating a sugar baby really that sweet? In fact, sugar babies often test sugar daddies, intentionally or not, especially in the early stages of dating, and only passing that test can lead to a sweet life.So, are you savvy enough to understand the signs that she's testing you? If not, congratulations on coming to the right place and we are here to help you.

First, here's an explanation: women test men on dates because they're afraid they'll lose more if the relationship gets serious.Remember, sugar babies usually look for good sugar daddies, so they want to make sure you're a good person.To make sure, they'll put you through some subtle tests to see if you're worth the investment.This means that if she likes you, she will test you -- even if she doesn't know she's doing it.Here are 7 signs your sugar baby is testing you and you can be ready to face it.

Tip 1: she changes or cancels your plans
She just wants to pass this test to see if you work hard to stick to your plan.If you persevere, she will think you are someone who won't give up when she needs help.This level of confidence subconsciously makes her feel safe and secure around you.

So if she changes or cancels your plans, don't give up easily.Always try a few times until you get her to agree to a date.But don't get me wrong: if she's mean, looks angry, or tells you she's already engaged, don't bother.But if she politely declines, wait a few days and try again.You can also learn how to overcome her objections.

Tip 2: she doesn't mind if you date another sugar baby
Even if your relationship isn't exclusive, your sugar baby probably won't want to hear about you dating other sugar babies.If she really likes you, she really won't let you date someone else.However, avoiding this problem is not always easy.She can put you to the test.If she does, explain that you enjoy spending time with her and that you don't want to be involved with other sugar babies.Again, there's no reason to allow you to date another woman.If she asks you directly, say you only want to date her.Of course, be honest, if you really want to date another sugar baby, tell her what you really think.

Tip 3: she happens to be at the same event as you
Was it really by chance?Well, anyway, she just wanted to see what you could do.So, if you're interested in her and want to take it further, make sure to plan a party before or after the event.It gives you another opportunity to show your leadership skills by creating something fun that you both enjoy and subtly validating your interests.This will show your sugar baby that you are a competent and fun sugar daddy.

Tip 4: she mentioned always wanting to do something
If she keeps whispering in your ear that she wants to do something, it's a sign that she's giving you a hint.Like, "oh, I've always wanted to try French food."The test went like this: would you remember and take her there?This is a hint.In the early stages of a date, you should pay attention to these signals, as they can be used to decide whether or not to go on a date.So if she says she's always wanted to do something, keep that hint in mind and suggest you do it together on your next date.

But, must ask some more concretely!Don't mumble "yes, we should go there someday" or "that sounds like a good idea."Ask her what she thinks and turn it into a time, date, and place for your next trip.Say something like, "I know, I've always wanted to see that place, too!Shall we go there next Saturday?If you are free, I can pick you up around 6 p.m."This specific plan will make a good impression on your sugar baby.

Tip 5: she's sick
I don't rule out your sugar baby pretending to be sick, but either way, the first time either of you fall ill in a new relationship can tell you if the relationship will continue.At this point, the sugar daddy who cooks and delivers her medicine -- especially when she's sick or vulnerable -- is likely to win her heart.Yet those who did not care, or who kept their distance from her to avoid illness, were sending her the message that he cared only about himself and would not be able to protect her in the future.

Don't be the second person, which will only hasten the end of the relationship.Remember, this is one of the signs she's testing you -- so be a man and take care of your sugar baby.Of course, she should return the favor when you get sick.If she doesn't, maybe it's time to find herself a better sugar baby.

Tip 6: she takes off her makeup when she sees you
Wow, you know, this is a big test for most sugar babies, because these days there aren't too many sugar babies.So when that happens, you know she's testing you.Often, as women, when we're with a man we really like, we want to look our best through makeup.But in the end she wants to know what you're attracted to in a "real" way, that your connection is more than superficial.So it's a test to see if you still like her.

Tip 7: she asked you to split the cost
As a sugar daddy, it's normal to pay for your sugar baby, but if she says "let's split the bill" she's testing whether you can protect her.After all, a good husband and father will protect her and her family.When she offers to split the bill, she wants to see if you will offer to pay (a subliminal sign that you can protect her).

Remember to refuse even if she offers.This is an important weapon in the courtship phase when you are competing with other sugar daddies who may pay you, and it can lead to a complete victory.Especially on a first date, spending a little money can make an effort to build trust and rapport with her.Remember: pay the bill no matter what and don't lose it to someone for a $10 bill!

Your sugar baby is testing your signs: summary
You might think it unfair for sugar babies to put their sugar daddies to the test in order to know if they're "worth" dating.But remember, these tests are often unconscious.Most sugar babies don't even realize they have it.If you ask a sugar baby directly about these tests, she may refuse -- but I promise if you act contrary to my advice, you'll pay the price.So, if you'd rather date a sugar baby and have one of the best loveliest lives in the world, follow my advice!

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