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5 Ways To Really "Win" A Breakup In A Sugar Relationship

Breakups are common in any sugar relationship, as most mutually beneficial sugar relationships with attractive sugar daddies or sugar babies are short-lived. With regard to breakups, it creates a need for control, and victory seems to be an opportunity to regain control. We can feel tremendous pressure to make our lives look great, especially if we're on the receiving end of a breakup. Searching for "break up" on Google, I found plenty of information for people who want to win after a break up. This doesn't necessarily mean pursuing romance -- finding a better date, or just looking happy on Instagram, though these are all examples of winning a breakup.

However, none of these scenes can express your true happiness. Maybe when you have a new date partner, or a good job that pays well, or a swinging figure, or a glamorous social media persona, it gives the appearance that you no longer care about the relationship, that you're doing well, and that you've moved on. In short, whoever has clear evidence that they are the first to feel conflicted about past relationships is a "winner."

But did you know? Breaking up is not a game, not to find out who is the winner, there does not seem to be any specific recovery formula. How we deal with breakups in sugar relationships depends on who we are and where we are in life. Treatment of one person (actively entering the dating scene) may not work for another person. To say that someone "won the breakup" means that the other party is the loser simply because they are dealing with their emotions in another way, sometimes a slower way.

Although breakups are painful, they are often good things—they happen for a reason, and they create room for reflection, growth, and transformation. To say that there is a "winner" or "loser" in a breakup means that there is only one person worth experiencing these things, which is not the case at all. Think about what you usually learn in a sugar relationship: different ways of communication, what you like, what you value, what you are attracted to, how do you deal with conflict, how to deal with jealousy, how to express your needs-I can Keep talking. Now think about what you learned when a sugar relationship ends: how to take care of yourself, how to enjoy time alone, how to deal with grief, and how to heal the hurt.

Perhaps, "winning a breakup" is not about making your life look great or not caring, but about going deep in your heart, learning from the previous relationship and making the next relationship better. It is about using this transitional time as a transformation. Maybe try something new and focus on your interests. You can go out to dance with your girlfriends at night. Your body knows how you feel, and it also lets you know that sadness and pain will not always be the norm. Regardless of how your recent sugar relationship ended, the following methods can allow you to "win" in a breakup.

Date yourself.
Breaking up doesn't mean that you alone can't enjoy those restaurants, cafes, museums or parks that you like. Take yourself on a date. You may feel lonely and strange at first, but the one-on-one time with yourself will provide you with opportunities to develop more self-love and self-confidence. Because once you start showing your love, you will begin to understand how to be treated in your next relationship.

List what you learned in this sugar relationship.
When you calm down, you can list what you learned in this sugar relationship for two reasons: one is useful to you. List the lessons you learned from this sugar relationship in the past to make you more self-aware of what you need and what you will provide in the future. Second, think about what you have learned, not what you or another person did wrong, be positive and forward-looking. This will help you focus on the future instead of staying in the past.

Distract yourself by doing other things.
Although this may be a little difficult, it seems counterintuitive to "feel your emotions", but sometimes it can free yourself from pain, especially when it makes you weak or prevents your life, do other things It can divert your attention so that you no longer just focus on breaking up. Healthy forms of distraction include spending time with friends, reading, traveling or picking up new hobbies. Dating is also fun, just make sure your pace is true for your journey.

Ditch comparison.
Whether you are in real life or through social media, it is very tempting to compare yourself with others, but please try to avoid doing so, because most social media cannot reflect the truth, it can lead the vulnerable, The divided brain weaves all kinds of false stories together. Even if your ex did a good job and made you feel like nonsense, you have to know that you are on the road to recovery and that it looks different from their personal experience.

Feel your emotions.
Although you may have proposed to end the sugar relationship, the emotions after the breakup are still uncomfortable, especially if you still love the other person. Allowing yourself to feel a variety of emotions can enable you to find solutions and deal with them, which means that you will not be full of resentment, anger or fear in your future relationship. Cry, go have a carnival with your friends, go travel. Allow to feel sad or stuck for your ex. It will not make you a loser, it will make you a real person.

There is no way to experience a breakup that can make you 100% win. All you can do is let yourself experience a full range of emotions, focus on yourself, and know that there is only growth and transformation on the other side. Sugar relationship is full of mystery. Maybe your sugar relationship can only last for a few months before it ends. Maybe you are about to marry your sugar daddy or sugar baby. Who knows?

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